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Hello Old Friends and New!

Its been three years since Robert and I sold Creative Universe to the Troyer's.  Retirement has been fun, but I find myself a bit bored.  I wanted something to do.  I could go and work for someone else, but I have been self-employed more years than I can remember.  We are told to follow our hearts and take a path that we understand and are comfortable with.  Well, for me, that is the Purple Martin Business!  The biggest difference between the past and the present is that this business is online only.  I will have no phone hours.  You can reach me thru my email for questions about products or any problems with the delivery of merchandise.  By the way, all products will be drop-shipped by the Troyers.  Win-win for everyone.

Thanks so much for visiting my online store!  I am excited to provide you with an impeccable online shopping experience.  Again, thanks for visiting my store and I look forward to serving you in the future.


Diane Oberlander