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How to Place a Web Order

Placing an order using this web store is pretty straight-forward.

If you are a new customer you will need to make an account.  Simply fill out your name and address assign a password and there are two questions to answer.  If you place a checkmark in the box you are agreeing to the questions.

Once you have put in your name and address and if your "billing address" is the same as your ship-to simply click the box agreeing to the "same as billing."  If the "Bill to" is different, fill in the information.

When you entered your name and address the shipping chart should have populated the shipping fee.

If you are a PA resident, sales tax will be calculated.

Next, you need to enter your credit card information Click on "Choose One Payment Method"  The field will open and if paying by credit card click the radio button.  If paying with PayPal, click its button.  A field will open insert your credit card number and expiration date.  While it is an option to save your credit card info, I don't recommend doing it.

There is one question at checkout.  That is "Would you like to receive the Troyer's Birds' Paradise catalog.  The default is NO, so if you want the catalog, please choose yes.

Verify your information is correct.  It is now time to check-out.

You MUST click the check out button.

You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes.
Please do not use Hotmail and Yahoo accounts.  It will delay receipt.

If you are worried and you didn't receive an email, drop me a line, I will verify the order.

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