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No Rockers
GH-TVG (GMA w/ TVG or S&K Combo)

No Rockers

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No Rockers Features:
  • Bolts on to your gourd arm or GMA
  • Virtually eliminates the swing of the gourd
  • Can be added at any time
There is a lot of debate about whether or not a gourd should swing.  It often becomes a personal choice.  In 2012 when Robert saw a SuperGourd during a very blustery day and knowing that this particular gourd had young in it, he was worried that the young may tumble out the entrance.  He went to the shop to see what he could come up with.  No Rockers were born.  When the Troyers purchased the business in 2014 there was some stock left over, and it has been sitting on the shelves.  I asked Adam if I could sell what was left, he talked it over with Andy, and so here we are.

There is a limited quantity available of the styles, but if these prove to be a good seller, the Troyers will bring them back. 

How to choose your No Rockers:
     First, are you using a gourd rack that uses vertical or horizontal gourd arms like those found on Deluxe, Super-Deluxe, Six-unit upgradeable, and the K-Series. 
  • RH-THG (For Troyer Horizontal Gourds)
  • RV-SGE (For SuperGourds and Excluder Gourds)

If your gourds are hung from Gourd Mounting Arms (GMA'S) like those found on the Gemini, Super System, AAA, 8 Unit, Round Rack
  • GV-SGE (For SuperGourds or Excluder Gourds)
  • GH-TVG (For the Troyer Vertical Gourd and S&K Combo)
  • GH-THG (For the Troyer Horizontal Gourd)

You can mix and match for quantity pricing.
When using the GH-TVG for S&K combo Gourds landlords will need to push the sides of the No Rocker together to meet the gourd, easy to do, but requires a bit of muscle. 

One more thing you should know about No Rockers.  They are designed to work with a specific gourd using its standard gourd arm or GMA.  For example; if you have a SuperGourd (SG) that you modified and added a Troyer Tunnel on it.  Most likely your SG was hung using a vertical style gourd arm or GMA (see photo GV-SGE or RV-SGE).  After you modified the SG you may have drilled a hole in the SG to accommodate a horizontal gourd arm or GMA. There is no No Rocker that will work for that change.  You would need to put your SG back on the vertical arm or vertical GMA, to use the No Rocker.  Any questions, drop me an email.

Please Note!
Can not be used with owl guards or the four-piece gourd life enhancement kit.

Product Instructions:

No Rockers for Gourd Rack

No Rockers for GMA's

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