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Why We're Different

You have many choices in where to order your purple martin supplies. 

  • In order to keep prices low we offer no phone sales, only online.
  • If you have questions about a product, please feel free to contact me via email
  • If you are happy with your transaction please let others know.
  • I do not advertise, so word of mouth is greatly appreciated!
  • Customer Service is important to me if your order arrives damaged, or you have missing items, contact me immediately.
  • I have been a landlord for 20 plus years and a manufacturer of purple martin products from 1995 - 2014 when we sold our product line as well as the equipment to Andrew Troyer, dba Troyer's Birds' Paradise.
  • I encourage you to review your product and let others know what you think!

I appreciate your business, and look forward to serving you in the future.