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Hello Old Friends and New!

Creative Universe Enterprises was established in 1975 by Robert D. Oberlander, my husband.  In 1987 I was introduced to Purple Martins by my neighbor and it was love at first sight.  My husband wanted all my dreams to come true of a purple martin colony visited a local Wild Bird Unlimited store and found out the leading research organization was located in the next burg over. 

We looked them up in the phone book, called, and I was introduced to the PMCA.  On that day James R. Hill III (Jamie) and Louise Chambers helped me with all kinds of magazines and information to get my hobby started. 

They also told me they were looking for volunteers.  So I signed up.  At the beginning of my volunteering days, a group of us would gather at the PMCA headquarters inside Jamie's house in Edinboro, and we would label the Update magazine and have pizza for lunch.  From there I volunteered one day a week until Robert and I decided we wanted to be 100% self-employed and opened a store-front that sold nature products like bird feeders,  rubber stamps to make your own greeting cards, and Roberts hand-forged ironwork, which included shepherd's hooks, flag holders, bird baths, hose holders, trellises,  rain gauge holders and small decorative items.

One day during a volunteer session (had to be back in 1992 or 1993), Jamie asked if I knew anyone who builds things, and I said, "Yes my husband". What Jamie was looking for was someone to build the PMCA's line of wooden items, like the Fallout Shelter and Eggshell Feeder.  Robert looked things over gave Jamie a price, and next thing you know, we are making those products.

Robert saw the need for a commercially made gourd rack.  Robert designed this Gourd Rack, the first of its kind to include a pole and metal hub, that went up and down the pole.  This first commercially made Gourd Rack, debuted in 1997 held 8 gourds and consisted of a schedule 40 pole, and the arms and hub were powder coated white.  I can remember being at the store when the first orders for this gourd rack came in on the fax.  There were two orders per page and 20 plus pages!  We were flabbergasted!

From there the Deluxe Gourd Rack went to a black powder coated hub and 12 stainless steel gourd arms.  Along the way, we developed the pole guards, traps, canopies, perching arms, owl guards, multi-house pole, bed and breakfast, and a whole lot of other gourd racks switching to square aluminum poles in both 2" and 3" sizes, such as the Gemini, Super Systems, AAA.  Basically, if it was made from metal, we designed it, and the PMCA sold some of it.

In 2006 the PMCA and CUE severed ties.  We never looked back and were pleased to be able to offer our product line directly to you under the Purple Martin Products by Creative Universe Ent., brand.  We sold our products online, by catalog and phone through 2014 when we sold our manufacturing business to Andrew Troyer, Troyer's Birds' Paradise.  Their commitment to our excellent products is shown to this day with overall improvements, such as having a mold made for glide buttons that ensure they are UV-inhibited.

In November of 2017, I returned to the purple martin world by resurrecting my online web store PurpleMartinProducts with the Troyer's blessings.  I am so very fortunate that I am able to do something I love, in an industry, that both Robert and I have played an instrumental part in.  God is good.


Diane Oberlander, owner