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Cedar Troyer T-14 Martin House
A Cedar Shown with Conley II Entrance

Cedar Troyer T-14 Martin House

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  • Made with quality red cedar for outstanding durability
  • Big compartments (6-½” W x 6” H x 11” L)
  • Owl-resistant   
  • Lowers vertically so the clutches of eggs are not disturbed.
  • No door lips, designed for proper clean-outs
  • Offset holes eliminate double nests
  • Single porches for greater percent of occupancy
  • Sections all open in the front.  This allows you to care for newly hatched babies and at the same time you don’t disturb the older babies in the same section
  • Nest Trays sold separately
  • Sold unpainted

This T-14 is all Cedar.  choose Entrance: Conley II or Round

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