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D&L Brake Winch 350
D&L Brake Winch 350

Brake Winch D&L 350

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Brake Winches are ideal for gourd racks. Should the handle slip the hub section is locked in place.
Part Number: B-350
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D&L Brake Winch Model B-350 (#B-350)

What you need to know about this winch:  If you let go of the handle the hub/house is locked into place.
  • D.L. Brake Winch DLB-350. 
  • Brake winch safety and rugged construction at an economical price.
  • Raise and lower loads with minimal effort, with load locked in place, even when the handle is released.
  • 350 lb. capacity galvanized finish. The winch has a 50 lb. minimum load required for it to operate properly.
  • Handle included.

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