Frequently Asked Questions

How long till I get my order?  Normally once you place the order to day of delivery is seven to nine days.  Orders are sent to the shipping department as soon as they are received, so any changes please contact us immediately.   February-April, our busiest time, expect shipping delays.  Sorry, we do not offer rush shipping.  

What do I do if my package arrives damaged or I have missing pieces?  While we try our best to not make mistakes, it happens.  Upon arrival, you should open your packages(s) and check your contents for missing or damaged pieces.  Please contact us [email protected] and let us know.  Sometimes when an item is damaged we may ask you to provide photos.  These photos aid us in placing a claim with the shipper.

Can I place my order over the phone?  Yes!  Though you may need to leave a message and I'll get back to you asap.  Call 814-232-5048.

Can I change my order after I place it?  As long as your order has not shipped (shipping is considered the label has been generated and the package is on the dock awaiting pickup) you may add or delete items.  

Quantity Discounts:  Many items offer quantity discounts.  In order for us to be able to offer the quantity discounts on orders that you add or subtract from, the discounts can only be applied to the order in question, not a future or past orders that you placed.  In other words if you place an order on week 1 for, (as example) 4 gourds, and a week later you purchase 4 more gourds, the quantity discount for 8 gourds will not apply.  HOWEVER, if you order 4 gourds and later that same day you want to increase your order to 8 gourds, then yes, the quantity discounts will apply.  But contact us immediately, for once the original order has shipped it will be too late.

Do we ship to Canada?  Sorry, no we do not.

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