Frequently Asked Questions

How long till I get my order?  This web store is set up so that when you finalize your order, the order is emailed directly to the shipper as well as to us.  As long as the item in question is in stock, it can ship as early as the same day up to a few days.  During the month of March, which is the busiest, we are working as fast possible to ship your order.  Sorry, we do not offer rush shipping. 

What do I do if my package arrives damaged or I have missing pieces?  While we try our best to not make mistakes, it happens.  Upon arrival, you should open your packages(s) and check your contents for missing or damaged pieces.  Please contact us [email protected] and let us know.  Sometimes when an item is damaged we may ask you to provide photos.  These photos aid us in placing a claim with the shipper.

Can I place my order over the phone?  At this time all orders are accepted via the web store.  If you contact me with a brief message that you would prefer to place a phone order, I will call you.  We are considering some phone hours for the month of March.  Stay tuned.

Why did I receive the Dawnsong Newsletter?  With every order placed you are automatically enrolled.  We use "Constant Contact".  With them its easy to "unsubscribe".  I ask that you give it a try.  The Dawnsong is sent monthly.  Each month a different topic is covered.  If any specials are available they will be listed.  You can also find the current issue of the Dawnsong by clicking on the "INFO" link.

Quantity pricing.  Many of the items we sell such as the Troyer Gourds and SuperGourds offer quantity discounts.  Some items like the gourds you choose your quantity from the drop down menu found underneath the product description.  Here is an example.

Simply move your mouse to the desired quantity and then click add to cart.  The price is automatically adjusted for you.

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