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Four-Unit Gourd Rack Bundle
GR4H shown with Troyer Vertical Gourds

Four-Unit Gourd Rack Bundle

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4-Unit Rack  (GR4H With Gourds):

This fantastic gourd rack is ideal for beginners, or landlords on a budget. This 4-unit rack features a round pole that stands 12'-6-inches tall. The hub glides up and down the pole smoothly because of nylon glide buttons inside the hub. All of the hardware is stainless steel. This gourd rack includes the two-piece pole, a hub, 2 top perch rods, a rope, an eyebolt with a single pulley, 4 horizontal gourd arms (for gourds drilled front to back), a rope winder, and 4 hitch pins to secure the gourds onto the arms. Easy Assembly.  Gourds sold separately.

From the drop down menu above choose from three different gourd options.

1. GR4-TVGC (Rack with 4 Troyer Vertical Gourds Conley II Tunnel Entrance)
2. GR4-THGC (Rack with 4 Troyer Horizontal Gourds Conley II Tunnel Entrance)
3. GR4-SGCP (Rack with 4 Crescent-holes SuperGourds with matching porch sets)


Add-on for both Troyer Gourds
Pine Needles for 12 gourds PLUS a Troyer Tunnel Trap
Price increases $34.90 (a savings of $5.00)

Product Instructions:

Gourd Rack Four-Unit Instructions