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Gemini H Combo
G24H shown with optional Troyer Gourds

Gemini H Combo

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  • 16 foot, three-inch square high-tensile aluminum pole. 
  • The aluminum hub has glide buttons installed to make raising and lowering by use of a winch effortless. 
  • The Gemini has two, five-foot diameter rings. 
  • Each ring can hold 12 gourds.   
  • You easily attach gourds using the provided Gourd Mounting Arms, choose from the Horizontal or Vertical option.


2 piece 16-foot pole
Heavy-duty aluminum ground stake
Solid Aluminum Top perch rods
Ball top
Stop pin
Safety bolt
34 feet of 3/16” stainless cable
Two complete ring sections
Ring Supports
Winch mounting brackets
Cable guide
D&L Brake Winch 

24 Gourd Mounting Arms: 
Includes 24 Horizontal 90

Also Includes!
12 TVG-C, 12 THG-C, EZ3, PN48, and a Tunnel Trap!  Everything you need at one special price

Originally designed by Creative Universe Ent., this product has been continued by the Troyer's Birds' Paradise, better than ever!

Assembly required. 


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