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Ground Sleeve for Gourd Racks

Ground Sleeve for Gourd Racks

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  • The Ground Sleeve is an optional accessory that is used in conjunction with your aluminum ground stake. 
  • When installed, the sleeve is flush at ground level. 
  • You insert your ground stake into the sleeve, then slide your pole over the ground stake. 
  • Includes two plastic caps. 
  • One you will install into the bottom before you cement the sleeve into the ground. 
  • The second you will place on your sleeve when your pole and stake have been removed. 
  • These caps will aid in keeping water out of the sleeve.
  • Ideal for landlords who like to remove their housing when martins are not present. 
  • When your housing is down, you can remove the ground stake, making mowing easier. 
  • Sleeves are 30” long and made from aluminum. 
  • Includes pin and two plastic caps. 
  • Instructions provided.

Product Instructions

Ground Sleeve for 2" or 3" Square Poles

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