This web store features one-page checkout.

At the bottom of this page is a sample order, please use it as a guide.

Step 1) Create an account
Step 2) If you wish to receive future updates click the box.
Step 3) If you would like to make an account that will have a password click it and follow the directions.  I do recommend you do this.
Step 4) Billing Information.  This is your name and address where your Credit card statements are received.
Step 5) Shipping information fill in only if you have a different "Ship To" address.  Otherwise, click the box "Same as Billing"
Step 6) Additional Question:  Please read the question if you wish to receive the catalog, choose yes.
Step 7) Once you have entered your billing/ship to info the "Shipping Method" will generate and it will state "Free Shipping" 
Step 8) Choose one payment method.  Click the radio button in front of the word "Visa".  this will open the payment screen.  If paying by credit card enter your card number and expiration date.  If paying by PayPal click the large blue "PayPal" button and follow its directions.
Step 9) First look at your items to be sure everything is correct as well as your shipping address.  Once everything is correct you must click the "Check Out" button

You will receive an email with confirmation of your order.  For whatever reason, if you have a Hotmail, Yahoo, or a personalized email seem to take longer until it shows up in your inbox.

When I have received the tracking numbers, I will send you the numbers.  This web store allows you to track the numbers right in the web store.

If you are worried and you didn't receive an email, drop me a line, I will verify the order.

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