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Perch Rod Set of Four
Perch Rod Set on SS24 (Two Rods Shown)

Perch Rod Set of Four

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Purple Martins love to perch especially near their their housing. The Set of 4 Perch Rods can be mounted to Super Systems, Geminis, Round Racks and AAA's. Each rod adds 22-inches of perching space.
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Perch Rods Set of 4 (#PRset4)

  • Made from solid 3/8" aluminum.
  • Each Perch Rod adds 22" of perching space. 
  • These handy Perch Rods can be added to the AAA, Super Systems and Gemini Gourd Rack. 
  • Each set of 4 includes the Perch Rods as well as stainless steel mounting hardware. 
  • One set of 4 will do one tier on the AAA or Super System. 

Product Instructions:

Perch Rod set of 4

Gourds and rack not included.

Also available, purchase one set of 4 Perch Rods along with 4 of the Horizontal GMA 45º  

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