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Pine Needle Bedding
PN48-CTN. Carton of Pine Needles

Pine Needle Bedding

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Landlords should place bedding inside gourds or houses. Our soft Pine Needles dry out quicker than wood shavings.
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Pine Needles for Purple Martin Bedding (#PN)

  • Purple Martins love pine needles. 
  • They dry out quicker than wood shavings. 
  • We are pleased to be able to provide you quality  Pine needles, a non-treated dried Pine Straw. 
  • On average you use two handfuls per Troyer Gourd and one handful per room or tray. 
  • Sprinkle some straw on the ground and watch your martins help themselves. 
  • White Pine needles from PA.

Two Carton Sizes to choose from:

PN12-CTN will have enough pine needles for 12 gourds or 24 rooms
PN48-CTN will have enough pine needles for 48 gourds or 96 rooms

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