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Pole Guard Square for 2-inch square martin poles
Pole Guard Square for 2-inch square martin poles

Pole Guard for 2-inch Square Purple Martin Racks

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Our Pole Guard Square fits any purple martin gourd rack that is made using 2-inch square material. Protect you colony from climbing predators. To be most effective be sure to mount the Pole Guard s high as possible.
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Pole Guard Square (#PGS)

Protect your martins from climbing predators such as raccoons and small snakes. 

What you need to know about Pole Guards:  This Pole Guard is to be placed BELOW your rope winder.  You should raise your rope winder to at least 54" placing the guard below the winder.  The higher you can place a guard, the more effective it can be.   Fits: Deluxe12/18, Super-Deluxe12/18, AAA16, Round Rack, DGR6, GR8


  • 24 inches long with a 7-½ inch diameter tube. 
  • The guard installs around the pole, no need to remove the house. 
  • This predator guard is designed for use on any 2" square pole that uses rope and pulley. 
Includes snake sniffer holes!

Product Instructions:  Pole Guard Square Instructions

Replacement Top Plates also available. 
These Top Plates will fit any Creative Universe/Troyers Standard Pole Guard. 

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