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Replacement Roof Sets for T-14 Houses
PRSetP: Purple Roof

Replacement Roof Sets for T-14 Houses

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Replacement roof sets for T-14 Martin housing. Poly wood never needs painting and is washable. Also replacement Cedar roofs available.
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T-14 Replacement Roof set in Poly-wood or Cedar (#PRSet)

The Poly Roof Sets are an awesome upgrade from wood roofs - Never needs to be painted! 

Poly-Wood Features:

  • Washable.
  • Virtually unbreakable. 
  • Outlasts any wood you can use to build a T-14. 
  • Includes 8 roof sections and 4 ridge caps. 
  • Pre-drilled with the stainless steel screws included. 
  • One set per T-14 house.
  • Poly-roof sets made from 5/8" material.
Three color choices:  White, Green, Purple, and  Western Red Cedar available. 

Cedar Wood Features
Heavy-Duty Cedar made from ¾" boards.

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