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Replacement Rope with Pulleys
Rope with Pulleys and Eyebolt

Replacement Rope with Pulleys

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Over time, rope can fray. We offer quality knit braided rope with 4-part pulley system and stainless eyebolt that will work with any 2-inch square pole.
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Replacement Rope with Pulleys (#TRP)

Is your rope in need of replacing? 
  • High-quality knit braided polyester rope in either 45-feet or 55-feet lengths. 
  • Included with rope: pulley, and stainless eyebolt with hardware.
  • Use 45-feet for 14-foot tall poles.
  • Use 55-feet for 16-foot tall poles.

Product Instructions:

Replacement Rope Instructions

Seeing small tufts on your rope? 
That is normal wear and tear. 
Ideally, the rope that came with your gourd rack should last many, many years.

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