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S&S Controller mounted on my own pole.
S&S Controller mounted on my own pole.

S & S Controller

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S&S Controller captures both the starling and sparrow. It automatically resets allowing capture of both males and females. Be prepared to capture large numbers of S&S as this trap is highly effective!
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S&S Controller (#SST)


  • One person can erect it and take it down.
  • It automatically resets.
  • If a native bird is trapped it can be released, unharmed.
  • It has a wire cage that is visible from a distance so you can see what is trapped.
  • No bait needed.
  • No ladder needed.
  • Works great in reducing both the European Starling and House Sparrow infestations.
  • Purchase either plans or a complete set-up with the pipe.
  • Made from Western Red Cedar
  • Comes unpainted
  • You will need to build your own pole, plan booklet provided
  • Minor assembly

Pipe is: 6" x 100" Black Inside


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