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Super-Deluxe 12 Unit Gourd Rack (Stainless Arms) Bundle
Super-Deluxe 12 shown with Troyer Vertical Gourds

Super-Deluxe 12 Unit Gourd Rack (Stainless Arms) Bundle

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The Super-Deluxe 12 Unit Gourd Rack features stainless steel gourd arms. Paired with the pole guard square and your choice of your favorite SREH gourd.
Part Number: SDGR12H+PGS
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Super-Deluxe (Stainless Gourd Arms) Gourd Rack with Pole Guard Square and Your Choice of SREH Gourds

Features: It features a four-part pulley system for easy raising and lowering.  The gourd arms slip easily in and out of the all-aluminum, assembled hub, which has nylon glide tabs for squeak-free operation. Also included; twelve 3/8” high-strength stainless steel arms; 45-feet of polyester rope; an aluminum rope cleat; and a 2-inch-square aluminum pole assembly with a plastic pyramid pole cap and two solid 3/8" top perch rods.

Materials: Aluminum pole, aluminum ground stake, aluminum hub brackets, assembled to aluminum angle sides using stainless steel hardware.  Twelve high-strength 3/8" stainless steel gourd arms.

Dimensions: Two-inch square high-tensile strength two-piece aluminum pole and stands 14-feet above the ground when installed.  Square poles are superior in strength to round martin poles.

Gourd Arms: Twelve 3/8" solid stainless steel horizontal arms.  Stainless weighs more and is stronger than the aluminum gourd arms on the "Deluxe" gourd rack.  For "Deluxe" and "K-Series" style gourd racks have a 90-degree bend on the end that slips into the hub bracket.  There are three configurations; straight that slip into the single hole on the hub bracket, and left and right, which are paired in an adjacent side of the hub.  The horizontal gourd arms have a drilled hole at the end of the arm.  Slip your gourd onto the arm and insert your supplied stainless hitch pin.  The pin will keep your gourd from falling off.

Gourd Accommodation: Any plastic or natural gourd can be fitted to these horizontal-style gourd arms.  SuperGourds will need to be drilled front-to-back in the upper neck, use a 13/32" drill bit.

Four-part pulley system: Each of the pulleys carries a 1/4 of the load.  If your 12 gourds and hub weigh a total of 60 pounds, you are pulling around 15 pounds.  Always wear a good pair of grippy gloves when raising or lowering any gourd rack.

Extras:  Includes the Pole Guard Square

In the drop-down menu above and to the right you have a choice of three different gourd options to choose from:

1. Rack, PGS plus 12 Troyer Vertical Gourds Conley II

2. Rack, PGS plus 12 Troyer Horizontal Gourds Conley II

3. Rack, PGS plus 12 SuperGourds with crescent holes, plus 12 porch set

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