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SuperGourd Insert Trap
SGIT shown with optional round-holed SuperGourd.

SuperGourd Insert Trap

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The SuperGourd Insert Trap installs thru the gourds access cap. Snaps into place. Ideal for Round-holed SuperGourds. Extremely effective especially with starlings.
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SuperGourd Insert Trap (#SGIT)

  • The SuperGourd Insert Trap slips inside the gourd thru the access cap. 
  • Align the clips on the side of the trap to the SuperGourds round entrance hole. 
  • Push the clips thru the entrance hole.  The clips “snap” into place. 
  • Set the trip wire. 
  • Made from aluminum with a powder coated shutter door for high visibility. 
SuperGourds sold separately

Product Instructions:
SuperGourd Insert Trap Instructions

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