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SuperGourd Porch

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  • Heavy-duty, plastic ribbed porches designed specifically for SuperGourds. 
  • These heavy-duty, injection-molded porches are made of unbreakable polypropylene plastic infused with UV protection for long life in the sun. 
  • They have aggressive ribbing for traction and bolt securely on both the inside and outside of crescent-holed SuperGourds allowing martins easier entry through the snug, starling-resistant entrance holes.
  • They will also fit nicely on the SuperGourd Round (2-1/8”) gourds. 
  • Sold in pairs, the identical porch halves are each attractively oval in shape and measure 3-5/8” long by 4-5/16” wide. 
  • Porches come pre-drilled with two mounting holes, and you also get two stainless steel whiz nuts and two stainless steel bolts per porch pair. 
  • Customer must drill mounting holes in their gourds below the entry holes. 
  • Detailed mounting instructions and a drill-guide template provided.

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