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T-14 Aluminum Pole
T-14 Pole Shown with options: AL-MKB, T-14C, PG14, SST-14B, THG-C

T-14 Aluminum Pole

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A high tensile 3-inch square by 16-foot tall Aluminum Pole with a 1/8-inch wall thickness. Our T-14 Pole INCLUDES the beautiful ball top, two 72-inch long top perch rods as well as a heavy-duty aluminum ground stake. Simply the best on the market today!
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Top Quality Aluminum T-14 Pole 3-inch x 16-foot tall Pole (#AL-Pole)


  • Two-piece pole
  • Ball top
  • 72-inch solid aluminum perching rods
  • Heavy-duty aluminum ground stake
  • Material is a 1/8 inch thick wall,  T51 temper aluminum 

Product Instructions:

T-14 House, Pole and Mounting Kit

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