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Troyer Tunnels
TTC Rear View, note the Wing Entrapment Guard

Troyer Tunnels

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Troyer Tunnels feature wide porches with nice traction. They are UV-treated for long life. They can be used with most plastic and natural gourds.
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Troyer Tunnels (#TTC, TTCN, TTR, TTRN)


  • Conley II Tunnel features Wing Entrapment Guard
  • 1/8” between porch and bottom of entrance
  • Features the Conley II starling resistant entrance
  • Wide porches with terrific traction
  • Made from opaque polyethylene
  • UV-treated
  • Easy to install on natural or other manufactured gourds (#TTCN, TTRN)
  • Traction tread supplied for natural or other manufactured gourds
  • All tunnels have reinforcements under the porch
  • Trap compatible
  • Tunnels can be used on T-14 houses too! See Troyer Tunnel with Collar

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