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Parts for the Super-Deluxe 12 up 18
Parts for the Super-Deluxe 12 up 18

Super-Deluxe 12 Upgrade to a Super-Deluxe 18 Kit

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Are you loving your Super-Deluxe Gourd Rack and need to add more gourds? Don't wish to spend a lot of money for a second gourd rack? Then upgrade your Super-Deluxe 12 Gourd Rack to an 18 Unit Super-Deluxe Gourd Rack.
Part Number: SDGR12up18H
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Upgrade your Troyer's Super-Deluxe 12 to a Troyer's Super-Deluxe 18 (#SDGR12up18H) 

This Kit will expand your SDGR12 to an SDGR18.  

What you need to know:  Expanding your 12 unit to an 18 unit gourd rack is not difficult.  You will need to remove the pole from the ground stake.  We recommend that when making this conversion you add the two-foot extension to your existing 14' pole.  We also recommend you consider upgrading your rope from its original 45' version to 55', especially if you add the Two-foot Extension Piece.  When adding the extension, your rope will not be long enough, which you will notice when you lower your hub for nest inspections.  This kit includes the Stainless Steel Gourd Arms found with the Super-Deluxe 12.  Never do this conversion once martins have begun nesting.

Kit includes:
  • new angle side pieces
  • one set of hub brackets
  • 6 horizontal stainless gourd arms
  • 6 stainless hitch pins
  • hardware
  • instructions.

Product Instructions:  DGR/SDGR 12 up 18 Instructions

Conversion should be done before martins return.

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