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You have many choices as to where to order your Purple Martin Supplies.

In order to keep our prices low, we do not offer phone or catalog sales.  If you have a question about a product contact me via email.  I usually get back to you within a few hours.  We encourage reviews.  If you have purchased from me in the past or purchased a new item, please add a review of the product.

We are now offering "Delivered Pricing".  This is an all-inclusive price with no minimums and no hidden fees.

Yes, we are an authorized reseller of Troyer product.  We have a wonderful working relationship with the Troyers.  It is with their blessings I have ventured back into the selling of Purple Martin Products.  You will also note that during checkout you can opt to receive the current Troyer's Birds' Paradise catalog.

When you place your order, this web store will automatically send your order directly to the Troyer's, that means no chance for human error, and in most cases, the order will ship by the following day.

For those of you who are new to being a Purple Martin Landlord, I was one-half (the husband Robert being the other half) of Creative Universe.  Together for over 20 years, we designed, developed, manufactured and brought to fruition gourd racks, pole guards, traps, and various other purple martin related items.   Creative Universe Enterprises has been instrumental in bringing the martin hobby into the 21st century with all of our well-engineered gourd racks and purple martin products. 

We sold our business to Andrew Troyer in 2014.  We are so pleased to see their commitment to our quality line of products has continued as well as many improvements made.  One improvement that you may never even realize is that of the glide buttons used in the hubs of gourd racks.  Andy had a mold made for the glide buttons and now they are made using heavy-duty UV protected polyethylene.  Thank you, Andy!

The items sold here top quality product and will, for the most part, last you a lifetime when properly cared for.  For more information about a product please don't hesitate to contact me.