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CAR Parts

Winch Convert-A-Rack (For AAA & RR)

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Winch Convert-A Rack swaps the original rope and pulley to a cable with winch system. Conversion should be done before martins arrive or after they leave.
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Winch Convert-A-Rack for AAA or Round Racks (#CAR)

Winch Conversion Kits swap original rope and pulley parts and replaces them with this Conversion Kit.
Convert any of the following with this Kit:   AAA Gourd Rack or Round Rack 

What you need to know:  99% of landlords who purchase this conversion kit do so after assembly of their original AAA or Round Rack.  Please note that if you are currently using the standard Pole Guard Square it is not compatible with winch systems.  You will need to upgrade to the EZ2.

  • 3/16" cable
  • 12-inch Extension Piece with pulley slot
  • Pulley
  • stop pin
  • winch brackets
  • Winch Sold Separately

Product Instructions:  Convert-A-Rack Instructions

Conversion should be done before martins return.  Instructions provided.

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