What to do if your package arrives damaged.  Shipping info.
What should you do if your package arrives damaged?  First and foremost open the package and check the contents.  Gourd Racks are made using high tensile strength aluminum and for the most part may have no damage.  You will need to use your instruction sheet enclosed in the "hub" box (Pole boxes are generally very long).  Using the instruction verify that all the parts are present.  If everything is fine there is nothing else for you to do.

If you have missing or broken parts then contact us immediately, either by email or phone.  You may be asked to provide photos.  We use these photos to help us process claims with the carriers.  In some cases, for example, one gourd tunnel may be damaged, and we will send you just the part that needs to replaced.

Purchasing gifts for a holiday?  If the package arrives damaged, please inspect the contents.  

On rare occasions shipping companies can lose your package.  We provide you tracking information so you can know when your package will arrive.  If you track the package and it seems to have gone missing, contact us and we will put a trace on the package.

If no one will be home, check with a neighbor who can place your package(s) inside your garage.  Unfortunately, there are thieves who drive around looking for packages sitting on your porch.  Once packages are scanned and dropped off at your door, FedEx and UPS consider their obligation done.  They do not reimburse for stolen packages.  

During the busy season (March and April) we do our best to ship your items in a timely manner.  We also do our best to ensure we have the stock on hand.  Please be patient with us as items may ship but we may not receive the tracking info for a couple of days.   As soon as I get the info I will enter it for you.  If for some reason an item is out of stock we will contact you.

Should you have any questions about the shipping of your order please don't hesitate to contact us.

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