What!!  My Credit Card Was Declined!

There are 3 most common reasons your credit card was declined.  

1) Entered a wrong credit card number, expiration date or CVV (3 digit) code.

2) Your billing and shipping address of the credit card you are using are different.  

3) Your credit card address and your ship to address are more than 50 miles apart.

If both of the above are correct and you are still experiencing a decline message call your credit card company.  Believe me, they are just looking out for you and want to make sure that you are authorizing the charge.

Some unusual things that have happened to decline the sale:

There was a credit card spend limit

Not an authorized user 


We take credit card fraud seriously.  If we are unsure of a transaction being legitimate we do call you for verification.

If all else fails, call us to place the order, we will gladly help.

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